10 Reasons Your Company Should Use Google Chrome as the Default Browser

If you’re currently not using Chrome for Business, you need to check it out. Here are some cool - and very professional - ways that you can use the modern browser features that come baked in with Chrome.


Yes, this is said just as it sounds (Speedy). It’s a protocol that Google quietly put into production on all of its products (including Apps) earlier this year. Check out this official whitepaper if you want, but the basics are that SPDY can reduce web load times up to 64%! All you have to do to enable SPDY technology is browse with Chrome when using anything Google related....


Are you synced up? Why get caught in a place using Chrome where you don’t have your bookmarks, apps and preferences all set. With Google sync your account is loaded with all the features in Chrome you’re accustomed to - no matter where you are. All you need to do is access Options under the wrench icon and head to “Personal Stuff”. You can’t miss it, since it’s at the top.

It’s Just Like Chrome OS

When it’s time to start talking about getting new hardware, you may be a bit apprehensive about switching to Chrome OS. But if we told you that you can get the same Chrome OS experience you’ll be getting in the future right now, would you believe us? Well, you should, since using Chrome is essentially the same thing. If you live in the browser, you’re using Chrome OS.


Extensions are just that - ways to extend your browser. Whether you want to use RSS Subscription to put feeds in Google Reader, manage your tabs with TabJump or get constant weather information using the Weather Underground extension - there are ways to make your browsing experience better. And not just better, but also customized.


A new and perhaps subtle change made recently was the arrival of Pagination into Google Docs. What it does is make documents look more like real pages - just like some other competing word processors do. It’s only available in Chrome, and shows that Docs is always improving - paving the way as being the best productivity app that you’ll ever find out there on the web.


Sometimes, you just need to know. That’s why notifications are so helpful in Chrome. Whether you want those HTML5-based desktop notifications for your mail or your chat messages, or perhaps you want to have some extensions such as the Google Mail Checker or Calendar Checker, you can find the right balance between productivity and staying on top of things.

Multiple Accounts

Did you know that you can use multiple accounts in Chrome? If you are familiar with Incognito mode, you can use several. Those who are using early developer channels of Chrome can also type in “about:flags” in their Omnibox and enable the multiple account sign in feature - a welcomed new option that maybe you haven’t yet heard about!

Chrome to Phone

Did you know that you can send links to your phone using an extension? Well, you can, and this feature, called Chrome to Phone, is an awesome way to push links. Don’t waste your time with emailing yourself links - just use this. Want to send links in the other direction with your iPhone? Just use Pastefire iPhone to Chrome. Amazing how that was already thought of - isn’t it?

Forget Updating!

The next time to hear about some crazy Flash vulnerability on one of your favorite blogs, just ignore it. Because if there’s a problem with Flash, Google is already on top of it. They’ll be updating the browser to patch up that vulnerability in no time. Plus, since Flash has been sandboxed anyways, your protection is better than that of most browsers on the market.


Ah, we had to bring this one up, didn’t we? In terms of application load time, tab loading and JavaScript performance thanks to the V8 engine in Chrome, this browser simply offers you a better experience than other browsers. If you want to move fast on the web and have a browser that is at the forefront of innovation, then you’ve got to at least spend one day trying out Chrome with Google Apps.

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