10 Benefits of Storing Your Data in the Cloud

Forget Backups

Do you know what an off-site backup is? Have you secured a physical perimeter around your data? Most companies know that data needs to be properly stored but don't really want to know the exact methodology. When your data is secured with a platform like Google Apps it is always backed up according to industry standards.

You Don't Have to Worry When You Get a New PC

The absolute worst part of getting a new PC is having to transfer all of your files and preferences to the new machine. When you have all of your stuff in the cloud, however, you don't have to worry about that. Using a Google Account with syncing all of your settings are saved remotely and you don't have to worry about making all of those changes when you buy a shiny new computer.


Critical data protection is becoming paramount to operating any business. As many methods and processes become standardized, what's really important is the key data which keeps a business unique. Being able to properly safeguard this information is incredible important, and is something that needs to be taken into consideration. Does your current solution implement robust security?

The Hardware Doesn't Matter

Doesn't it always seem like right after you buy the latest and greatest gadget that there's always some fancy new model that instantly obliterates what you just spent a ton of money on? Here's a secret: in a world now dominated by the cloud the hardware you buy really isn't as important as whom you rely on to provide the bits in between. It's the pipeline that matters most.

Login Anywhere

When your data is not tied to a particular computer you can access information virtually anywhere in the world. There's no constraint when data is kept in a remote location - the only thing that is important is remote access. Being able to hold the key to that important information can be priceless when something goes wrong down to when you want to impress a client.

Synced to Where You Are

Why does it matter the location you're at? If you keep your head (and your execution) in the clouds, you can let the technology do the most of the work for you and keep things simple on your end. Don't let time zones or a delayed flight be an excuse to miss out on something important. That's why we rely on the digital world in the first place.

Get In, Get Out

Have you ever been in a clutch situation where you need to get access to information right away? With data that's stored on a hard drive you often have to boot up a PC, load up some software and then access the material. If your data is in the cloud you can use other devices practically anything with a browser - to access your material quickly.

Working Together

It's amazing to watch collaboration happening in real time. And we're not talking about the type of work done over someone else's shoulder. When you are working on remotely-stored data you can move much more quickly to accomplish things because you have more eyes on it than ever before and can result in some really productive projects.

Broken Laptop, No Problem

When your data is stored somewhere else other than your notebook, you don't have to worry if that machine is run over by a car or accidently thrown out the window. If all of your work is stored on the server-side in the cloud, you can get back to work just as fast as you can find another PC, smartphone or even tablet to work on.

Data is Priceless

The most important element of running a successful operation today is business
intelligence. Because of this, it is really hard to justify storing everything on a single hard drive or even several that keep all of the information stored locally. By trusting the cloud, you can sleep better knowing that someone else is taking the responsibility to safeguard your information.

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