6 Work Environments Where Chrome OS Will Be Successful

Chrome OS is arriving soon and your business might be able to use it along with Google Apps to take productivity to the next level. By using Chrome OS-based hardware that is much cheaper than the current alternatives, you'll be able to deploy reliable and secure machines into your network at a very reasonable cost. Here are some of the places you're going to start seeing Chrome OS in the future.

Call Centers

These places usually contain many computers that representatives use to answer incoming calls. But instead of having to deal with desktop support of troubled computers, Chrome OS combined with specialized web applications seems like much more hassle-free way of managing all of those PCs. The machines can be remotely reset if there is a problem, or even quickly replaced.


Retail registers and kiosks don't need to have complicated computers running their operations. There is probably more of an effort made here by administrators to make sure that these types of machines are properly locked down. With Chrome OS, there's nothing to try and circumvent and the machine stays locked down and reliable for the task it is for - nothing else.


Astoria High School in Astoria, Oregon was selected by Google to test Chrome OS in their district. The company distributed laptops to every student to see how they would be used in a school setting.

Chrome OS is low-cost, very mobile and simple for everyone to use. That makes it a perfect solution for educational purposes and available for all students.


Being able to access the internet during a hotel stay is an important amenity. With a Chrome notebook in every room you could log in to your Google Account securely by using the operating system's guest mode that will allow you to stay up to date with email and other information. When you sign out of guest mode your personal information will be wiped from the device as if you were never there.

In the Field

For workers that are on the go it's common that they will need a device that has a keyboard. This makes it hard sometimes for them to carry along a tablet because it can be very hard to type things out in long form. A Chrome laptop might be the ideal solution for in the field because of it's full screen and standard keyboard. Plus, data is backed up in the cloud and there are no major issues if it gets lost.


When you go to a conference you need a PC that is just going to work and does well anywhere you might take it. Having a wireless 3G modem built in helps, which come standard on all Chrome OS laptops. In what is perhaps a great example of Google putting their own products to the test, they're using their own Chrome OS notebook, called the Cr-48, at their 2011 Google I/O conference to register attendees.

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