Dito Directory is Now TRUSTe Certified

One of the most important elements of Google Apps is the organization and maintenance of contacts. Without this information it is very difficult to obtain the right information to send out messages and stay in constant communication with people. Inside contacts itself there is some limited functionality for sharing what is commonly known as group contacts. Because of this, Dito has developed its Directory app so that organizations can better share this contact data across their domain with all users.

Now Dito Directory has been TRUSTe certified. If you've ever been concerned about having your group contact information stored in the cloud, you can hold access to that sensitive information accountable with this new certification that is available in the Google Apps Marketplace. TRUSTe participants are required to undergo rigorous certification standards and ongoing privacy evaluations in order to remain compliant, allowing selected partners to display the official seal on their application page.

What does this mean for you? Simply put, this means that the way Directory obtains, stores, secures, uses, and liberates data complies with TRUSTe's international standards with your best interests in mind.

Anyone who wants to know exactly what Directory's official Privacy Policy can see it. There's no hiding it, and it's no problem for you to find. With TRUSTe certification, it's all out there. Simply follow this link and you can get detailed information about how your data is handled in the cloud specifically within the application itself.

TRUSTe has been providing online privacy solutions since 1997. Major companies factor into their decisions whether something is backed up with a TRUSTe certification. Organizations such as HP, AT&T and eBay rely on TRUSTe's seal of approval to help make their IT purchases.

This certification has only been available in the Google Apps Marketplace for a short time, yet this shows that Dito is committed to making sure that contact data is secure. For more information about how TRUSTe should impact your Google Apps purchasing decisions, please read the TRUSTe Google Apps buyer FAQ or visit their official website.

More details about Dito Directory shared contact manager are available in the Google Apps Marketplace. Don't forget to take Directory for a free 10 contact test run today to see how it works!

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