Four Chrome Web Store Apps For Business to Help You Get Things Done

Maybe you have spent some time in the Chrome Web Store and said to yourself, “none of these webapps are useful for me at work”. Well, while it is true that many apps that you’ll find there are not exactly productive pieces of software, today we’re taking a look at a few that can help you save time - all while using a cool free Chrome-based app!

World Time Buddy

If you have to coordinate meetings and other events with folks located in different parts of the world, you might find this a clutch app. Instead of running your local time zone through a complicated converter, you can just use World Time Buddy to give you a chart that can tell you exactly what time it is in other places. It's dead simple to use very quickly.

Read Later Fast

Have problems keeping your web reading list organized? Want to move past the old-school method of bookmarking pages? Then Read Later Fast might be the app for you. You'll have access to your reading list stored in the cloud, so you can go back to all those important blog posts and other guides you need to curl up with later, all in a simple right click inside the browser!

Managing multiple projects? Need to better organize your life overall? Look, using the traditional pen and paper for your task list just isn't enough anymore if you really want to be productive. That's where comes in. Its helps you prioritize and organize, making it like an inbox for your life and the everyday things you need to get done. If you've struggled with getting work done in the right order, you should try this.


Not everyone wants to pay for Photoshop or some other pricey piece of software for basic image editing. If you want a simple, lightweight way to crop, change the proportions or add text or arrows to an image you can just use Aviary. You can load images directly as a file or even upload them using a URL. And when you're done you can share, download or email them to yourself! Harness the power of the web...

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