How Do I Find The Right App With the Google Apps Marketplace?

The Google Apps Marketplace is a great place to find third-party solutions that integrate with your domain. But one of the biggest concerns has been what happens to the data that connects with these applications. Google is very much aware of this issue, and because of this has implemented TRUSTe certification for the Marketplace.

What Does This Mean?

When you are looking for an app that provides functionality outside of the Google Apps suite, you'll know whether or not it is certified or not by looking at the seal of approval on the application's page. There are more details here on what getting certified involves, but it means that the software itself has undergone a verification program to ensure it is keeping data secure.


All apps that complete the certification must read and agree to a specific privacy policy. This means that they fully understand the secure process that is involved in handling a customers' data. There is a legitimate concern to rely on these companies to protect your data, and that's why these policies are in place specifically to address this concern.

What Should I Look For When Searching For an App?

You can easily identify TRUSTe applications by the large green logo that resides on the install page. Also included is detailed information about what type of data the application requires in order to properly work with your Google Apps installation.

How Else Can You Do Due Diligence on an Application?

The Google Apps Marketplace offers an open system where users are able to review and rate the applications they use. As a result, it is generally best practice to make sure that you take a quick look at what others might be saying about a particular app. While Google does its best to approve and thereafter periodically review these marketplace applications, it's best to do a little research before using one yourself.

Testing Out an Application

Of course, the best way to see if an application is going to work for your organization is to try it out. Many Apps Marketplace partners allow prospective users to try out their software for free during a limited trial. The best way to see if an app will work for you over the long run is to put it though its paces. Try using some test data for a trial run to see if the app in question will perform up to your standards. Then you prove its worth and to get a feel for what it offers you.

Leveraging the Power of the Apps Marketplace

The chances that Google Apps right out of the box is not going to provide everything you need is high. That's why there is other software available in the Marketplace. With TRUSTe certification and reliance on user reviews, you have the information at your fingertips to make the best decisions that you can about extending the power of your Google experience. All it takes is a little bit or research. Good luck!

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