How to Delegate Administrative Privileges in Google Apps

Some organizations are simply too large for just "Super Admins" to manage all the user functions inside of a Google Apps Domain. Because of this, there are settings that can allow users to have some degree of administrative control without having unfettered access to every single setting. If you're looking to give some elements of control to your domain settings with select users, check out the following steps in order to make that happen.

From your main administrative dashboard, click on the Organization & users tab.

Select a user whose privileges you'd like to set. Once you are in their user settings menu, choose the Privileges link above the main User Information area.

Under the Privileges section, you'll see a variety of administrative settings. The Super Admin setting is there, of course, to allow the ability to see every option that is available in the admin dashboard.

One of the main privileges that delegation is commonly used for is the control of organizations and users. Because of this, Google Apps offers a wide degree of delegation control over these settings, allowing users to be able to create, edit and delete both users and organizational units.

Below the organization and users section, there are some other settings that you can delegate user control over to.

If you are unfamiliar with these setting menus, the best way to understand them is look at the associated tabs within the main dashboard window.

The above dashboard toolbar corresponds with what each user will see depending on the settings that you check off. They simply will not appear to the user if they are not selected, separating user rights in an easy to follow visual format.

This allows you to delegate certain admin tasks to particular users and makes it easy to manage your organization as it grows alongside your Google Apps domain. You don't have to do all of the administrative work yourself this way, which might be helpful and allow you more time to get more things done on daily basis.

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