How to View Statistics on a Doc

Here's a scenario: you've shared that all-important doc with a group of your fellow colleagues, but you're not quite sure whether or not they've taken a look at it. Sure, you've got some discussion on what direction the project is going in, but you're thinking you haven't got as much participation as you'd like. Well, a new feature that has come to Docs might just be right up your alley: Doc Statistics.

When you're in a Doc that has a discussion thread, you can simply click on the Discussion button in the upper right hand corner.

You can then click on the link in the upper right hand corner of your discussion listing.

Once this is open you can get an analytic-style view of who has been looking at the doc over the past seven days.

Note that as of now you can only do this when a doc has had some discussions on it; hopefully in the future this feature will be available for all documents. In the meantime, stay tuned!

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