Setting Up Appointment Slots and Notifications for Calendars

Google recently released appointments slots for Google Calendar. Appointment slots allow others to schedule meetings with you during times you have designated to be available.

This makes for a great one-click way to schedule meetings. But since this feature is so new, you probably don’t know how to use it. We’ll show you how - and hopefully it can make scheduling things just a little bit simpler for you and your organization.

How To Create Appointment Slots

To create appointment slots, click on an area on your calendar during a time frame that you would like to create the slots. Then select “Appointment Slots” and set the specifications you want for your appointment slots.

If you edit the details, you can even create repeating appointment slots. Once you have have saved your settings, you can share your appointment page.

Appointment Page

Your calendar will have it’s own unique link that you can share. On your calendar’s appointment page, others will be able to book an appointment only when you are available.

How to Set Up Notifications

Finally, you need to set up notifications on your calendar, so that you know when appointments are scheduled. On your calendar settings page, click on notifications next to the specific calendar. Here you can select how and when you wish to be notified. (click to enlarge)

Have you set up appointment slots? What kind of notifications do you have set up for your calendars?

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