How to Schedule a Task in Your Google Calendar

For the most part, Google Calendar is ruled by events that are created for meetings. But if you have something that you need to do on your own, your best bet is to set up a task. It's really easy to do, and is something that most people don't even realize is a great feature to help you to keep track of things.

When you are in your calendar, look to the top of your schedule and you will see another strip that runs along the days. This is where you can put in a task.

Simply click in that area and you are able to create your task. You'll need to click on the "Task" link inside the dialogue window to switch from the default event setting.

You can then see that particular task in your calendar for the day that you chose for it.

Just like events, you can change the date of a task by simply dragging it around in the calendar. And of course, when you are done with a task, don't forget to hit that ever-satisfying checkbox to mark it as complete!

Have you ever used tasks before? What do you like most about it?

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