Video: Creating Custom Functions in Google Spreadsheets with Apps Script

In continuation of our series of posts that cover customization in Google Apps script, our subject matter expert on such topics, Steve Webster, has graciously put together a video explaining how you can implement custom logic inside of a spreadsheet. Using the power of Google Spreadsheets in conjunction with Google Apps script, Steve put together an example that reflect how you can use scripting to avoid the usage of large, complex formulas inside of Spreadsheets.

Steve has been featured in the Google Apps Developer Blog providing examples that have been implemented for clients using Google Apps Script for contact sharing as well as for autocompleting email address functionality. If you're looking to further customize your Google Apps experience, or perhaps want to learn more about the intricasies, contact us today as we can help you learn more about making Google Apps tailored for you - and not the other way around.

What have you developed in Google Apps Script? Show (or link to) your examples!

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