How to Change Document Ownership in Google Docs

Sometimes projects change or people within an organization end up leaving. This can create a number of challenges to be faced, and one of those is the exchange of data from one user to another. Along with changing usernames, another common thing that must be done during an organizational change is the transfer of documents from one user to another.
One of the ways that you can do this for a user that has very few documents in their ownership is to simply make sure that there are other users that have edit capability on a particular item. You can do this by changing the sharing settings on the doc. Here's what switching one to editable for a user looks like.

That type of transfer gives the user you share the document the same type of access as the owner, and it an effective method. But let's say you've got a user changing jobs or leaving the organization altogether and as such you will need to make a massive transfer of documents. Fortunately there is a way to do that.
From your domain's administrative console, click on the Advanced Tools tab.
Scroll down to the bottom of that screen. You'll see a tool that will allow you to move all documents from one specific account over to another.

This is great especially if you plan on deleting a user for licensing purposes. What the tool does is essentially the same thing as the previous method shown above, yet is much more streamlined. It's really the preferred method of automating the entire process.
What other ways have you found to transfer data from one user to another? Let us know in the comments.

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