Have you seen the new Gmail Help section?

As a Google Apps Trainer, I do everything I can to provide the most effective, up to date, and useful information during the training sessions.  There is nothing like attending a live webinar -- receiving the information real time, asking 'on the spot' questions, and having the ability to hear what types of questions/concerns your peers have about the new platform is extremely valuable.  Google also does their part to provide this information to every user ... in the form of a built in help section.

If you are new (or a veteran) to Google Apps and unable to attend the live training sessions that your organization has provided during the transition, don't worry, we've got you covered.  Google has updated their built in help section (located in the upper right hand corner of your inbox -- click on the gear and then select 'Mail Help') which provides a plethora of information from Admin Assistant sections to a Mobile user focused section.

When you first navigate to the help section, you'll notice eight (8) area focused links that you can click on.  Each one of these sections will take you to a help site that will contain information specific to the link that you chose.  These sections include FAQ's, Tips & Tricks, and E-learning videos just to name a few.  Take a few minutes to click on the available links to discover the information available to you.

If you are strictly a corporate Gmail user, look above the eight (8) links and click on the Google Apps Learning Center option.  This particular learning center is available to everyone but intended for Gmail for Business users.  Here, you can learn all about life after Outlook, how to create your signature, and manage your account with labels & filters.

If you are unable to find the help that you are looking for after browsing the above mentioned sections, don't worry, there is one last area to discover.  Below the eight area focused links is a link you can click on to navigate to the Gmail Help Center.  This will break down your Gmail account into sections like, 'Your Account', 'Troubleshooting', and additional 'Help Resources.'  If you are looking for help with Gmail and also have questions about the other applications available, simply click on the areas of interest at the bottom of the page to navigate to the applications specific help section (eg. calendar, docs, sites).

Did you learn something new after visiting the help section?  Let us know in the comments section below!