Buy Google Apps from Dito, Get a FREE Chromebook!

We here at Dito LOVE our Google Chromebooks and we think you will as well.  For a limited time, when your organization buys 50 or more licenses of Google Apps for Business through Dito, we will send you a FREE Acer WiFi Chromebook.  This Chromebook boasts a 6 hour battery life, an 11.6" HD Screen and weighs in at just over 3 pounds!  

Members of the Dito team have been using the Google Chromebook since February of 2011. We were asked to participate in the Chrome OS Pilot Program which allowed us to 'live in the cloud' and test the CR-48 device which is now known as the Google Chromebook.  Having this opportunity provided us with a physical feel of how easy it is, especially as a Google Apps user, to do everything we would do at our desk (sending emails, scheduling calendar events, creating documents) on a mobile device that leverages the cloud.

While I was piloting the Google Chromebook (CR-48), I found it most useful when I had to meet a client either at their office or for coffee/lunch.  Google Docs now saves each document after all keystrokes so I knew whatever I was working on at my desk, would be available to me on my portable device. I would simply grab my Chromebook before heading to the meeting with the peace of mind knowing that I had everything I needed right there.  The Chromebook weighs next to nothing and has a battery like no other, I didn't need a computer bag to lug the charger and computer around!

It's great to see the Chromebook gaining a foothold in the technology sector and we want you to have the ability to experience this cutting edge technology for yourself.  Please contact us if you would like to hear more about this promotion or if you have any questions.

This blog post was written on a Google Chromebook :)