Uploading Videos in to Google Docs

Have you or one of your colleagues ever created a video that you wish you could share with specific individuals or your whole domain?  These videos could be short training videos for different departments in your organization or clips of your vacation to the Swiss Alps!

Uploading and sharing these items is as easy as uploading and sharing files like Word documents or Excel Spreadsheets in to your Google Apps account.  Let's take a closer look on how to perform this action.

After logging in to your Google Apps account and accessing Google Docs, click on the area next to the word 'Create' and select 'File' when prompted.

Next, you will be prompted to locate the file you wish to be uploaded.  Once you have found the file, click on the file and it will begin to be uploaded into your Google Docs list.  You can track the status of the upload in the bottom right hand corner of the Docs list.  Once the video is uploaded, you will see it listed in your Docs list at the top of the list.  Simply click on the doc/video to view and share.

Below is a list of the most common video formats that you can upload and play:

If you wish to share this video with others, there are two easy ways to do so.  First, you can highlight the video file in the docs list and click on the 'Share' button above the file and enter the email address of the people you wish to share this video with (see below).

The second way to share these videos is to open the file by clicking on it in the Docs list and select the 'Share' button in the upper right hand corner.  You will then be prompted to add the email addresses of those you wish to share the video with or change the general sharing permissions.

Within your Google Docs, you have 1 GB of storage space for all NON Google Docs (Microsoft Word, Excel, personal videos).  A one hour video uses about 130 MB and a 90 minute video occupies about 275 MB, both well within the 1 GB Docs List upload limit.

To manage the storage limits, it's recommended that you create an account dedicated for uploading & sharing videos.  This account would perform all the video uploads and distribution tasks.  If the total accounts storage limit is reached, more storage can be purchased here.

Do you have videos that you are interested in uploading & sharing with your end users?  Let us know in the comments section below!