Ability to Restrict Document Download in Google Apps

As we all know, Google Docs is a great place to create new documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.  It's also a great place to store non-Google editor file types such as video files, images, and PDF's.  But, what if you upload and share an image file (for example) and don't want the shared users to be able to download that file?  

Now, you have the ability to restrict document download in Google Docs!  Once the file has been uploaded in to your Google Docs list simply highlight the document file by selecting the 'check box' to the left of the document title and click 'More' above the Docs list.  Next, you will see the option 'Prevent Users from Downloading' ... click on that option to ensure the shared users will not have the ability to download the shared file.

You can also right click on the file within your Docs list and select 'Prevent Users from Downloading' in the menu options that will appear.

When the shared users open the document above, they will not have the ability to download the file ... only view the file.  The document download restriction can be applied to file types such as .ppt, .pdf, video files, and image files.  If you wish to reverse the action taken above for the document, simply select the document and click 'More' ... then select 'Allow Viewers to Download.'

What kind of files will you be restricting downloadable access to?  Let us know in the comments section below!