Featured Google Calendar Lab: Gentle Reminders

For those of us who always have a calendar event to attend, it's important that we are properly notified so we don't miss the meeting.  The majority of us have customized our Google Calendar notifications for our individual calendars in the form of pop ups or receiving emails.  Those notifications are very effective but what if you find the standard pop up annoying or distracting?  The 'Gentle Reminder' lab in Google calendar is the alternative to annoying pop up notifications for events.  

To enable this lab, click on the gear in the upper right hand corner of your Google Calendar interface and select 'Labs.'  Locate the 'Gentle Reminder' lab and select enable.  Remember to click 'Save' at the top or bottom of the Labs page after selecting enable.

Once the lab has been enabled, you will notice a very polite and non obtrusive reminder that blinks in the background when an upcoming event is about to take place.  It will appear toward the upper right hand corner of your desktop and will be accompanied by a pleasant sound.  You can continue to work on whatever you were working on without the screen pausing and a Calendar pop up reminder halting your work flow. 

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