Google+ For Your Business

Now that Google+ has made its mark on our personal Google accounts and our Google Apps accounts, it's time to create a page for your business!  Google+ Pages for Business are now available and can be used as an outlet to share your companies ideas and products.  You can also use Google+ Pages for Business to promote your business and to connect with current, potential, and future clients or customers.    

Let's take a look at how easy it is to take advantage of Google+ Pages for business...

Create a Profile

To begin using Google+ Pages for business, you must have a personal Google profile on Google+.  If you do not have a personal Google+ profile account, you can easily create one here.

Create a Page 

Now that you have created a Google+ account, you can begin to create your Google+ Page for business by clicking on the 'Create a Google+ page' option located on the right hand side of your Google+ profile page.

Entering your companies information is super easy.  Google+ provides a user friendly set up process which allows you to enter all the necessary information in the form of:
After answering a few set up questions and adding a profile picture for your page, you can begin to grow your circles by adding other Google+ users & Google+ Businesses to your circles.  

Sharing on Google+ Pages for Business

The reason you created this page is to promote what your business does and how awesome it is, right?  So, let's get to sharing these awesome characteristics that make your business stand out!

Begin to utilize the sharing capabilities that Google+ offers by:

Promoting your Google+ Business Page

Getting your name out there is as important as selling your product or service.  Google+ can help in the following ways....

Add Dito to your Google+ circles today!!! 

Dito has a Google+ Page for business and we encourage you to add us to your circles so we can connect.  We use Google+ to inform our followers about new features in Google Apps, upcoming events hosted by Dito, major announcements by Google, and (the best part) pictures of our team!  

We hope that you have fun and are as creative as possible when building your Google+ Page for Business.  Once your page is created, leave the URL for your site in the comments section below we'll be sure to connect!