NEW 'Suggested Times' feature in Google Calendar

Do you find it challenging to schedule a meeting at 'that perfect time?'  How many countless minutes have you wasted to ensure all your invited attendees schedules were accommodated?....Well, we can't give you back that time but we can offer you a new feature in Google Calendar that will ensure you don't waste anymore of your precious moments because 'Suggested Times' is now available in Google Calendar!

'Suggested Times' allows the creator of a calendar event to view appropriate/accommodating times for the guests invited to the event.  To access this new feature, simply create a calendar event and add guests.  If a guest is also using Google Calendar and you have access to their calendar, a pop up of suggested times will be displayed when the invited guests are available.  Once you see the appropriate time, select it and it will appear as the time for the event.

A few items to note for this new feature:
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