Hide Morning and Night Hours in Google Calendar

New Calendar Feature: Hide Morning and Night Hours

It's certainly rare, if ever, that we find ourselves creating or accepting calendar events in the late hours of the night. With the new Google Calendar feature, you now have the option to customize your calendar to your specific requirements. This new feature allows each user to specify times shown on his or her calendar! 

How To Set Up This New Feature

This feature is a new lab that can be enabled. You may access it by going to your labs under the gear in the upper right hand corner of the calendar interface. Once you have accessed calendar labs, you will now have the option to enable the 'Hide Morning and Night" lab.

Enable the Lab

As a reminder, each time a new lab is enabled, be sure to save the changes so it can be applied to your Google Apps Account.

How This Feature Works

After the lab is enabled, you may now make specify which hours you would like displayed on your calendar.

To adjust which times you would like your calendar to display, simply drag the  bar to your desired times. There will be two bars to allow you set create a time frame you would like your calendar to display. In this example, the calendar will begin with 7am.

Grouped events

What if you do schedule events for early morning and late evening from time to time? If you do happen to schedule events outside your displayed times, they will display accordingly. 

All events outside the designated hours will be grouped together. Here, you can see that an early morning spin class is still recognized at 5am but there is no longer wasted space in the time frame between 12am and 7am.

This new feature is sure to please all Google Apps enthusiast! Stay tuned for more great features from Google Apps!