How to Change Time Zones with Google Apps

Are you planning a vacation or business trip in a different timezone? You will want to set up your Google Apps to correspond to your work needs. Let's assume you currently reside in the Eastern Standard Timezone and you are planning a trip to the West coast. Setting up your Google Apps to correctly reflect your timezone will ensure a positive experience for your daily business needs. Let's take a look at how you can reflect these changes in your Google Apps Account.

Google Mail
When travelling to a different timezone, you will want to have your Google Mail display these changes in your inbox. Simply follow the steps described below to set these new changes within your Google Mail.

You will first need to adjust the current time on your computer. Follow the instruction provided for Mac or Windows users.

Mac Users

Windows Users
Be sure to restart your browser once your timezone has been changed. Now that you have changed your timezone on your computer, Google Mail will correctly display your current timezone as you work within your inbox. The appropriate time will be listed on messages being delivered to your inbox. Simple, right?

Google Calendar
Google Calendar gives you the ability to display multiple timezones. This will allow you to visually recognize your current timezone and any other timezones you wish to display (i.e. your home timezone). To display multiple timezones in your Google Calendar, follow the simple steps below. 

In your Google Calendar application, navigate to calendar settings. 

While working under General Settings tab, locate the section for your  current timezone.

Under the section for your current time zone, select show additional timezone. You will now have the ability to select a different timezone to display. *Tip: Be sure the select the check box to display all time zones to ensure you find the exact time zone you are looking for. 

In this case, both Eastern and Pacific timezone are selected to be displayed. You can label these accordingly to keep it simple (i.e. Pacific, Home). Now that you have selected the timezone to be displayed, you can easily navigate through your calendar. The newly selected time zone will be display on your calendar.

Now that you know how to adjust your time zones in Google Apps, get online and book that flight!  We wish you safe travels on all your adventures.