Google Mail: Offline Improvements

As promised, Google has improved Google Mail Offline capabilities for all users. Those of us who frequently travel and need to remain productive, even when we are thousands of feet in the air, will surely be grateful for these new features! Offline mail now allows users to have access to attachments, mail up to 31 days old, and keyboard shortcuts. Here is a guide to utilizing these great new features.

Users now have access to all attachments from the inbox while offline. This is sure to come in handy as you prep for your meeting on your flight!

A look at the Offline Settings Page:
When you are working in Offline Mail, you will notice a new settings page. You can locate this page by navigating and selecting the gear. 

Once you select the gear, you will be brought to the offline settings page. Here, you will find a new option to "Download mail from the past: week, 2 weeks, or month. 

*Note: The month selection will include mail from the past 31 days

Vacation Responder:
Are you going to be out of the office and forgot to set your vacation responder? You are in luck, because you can easily set this notice in your Offline Mail app. This option is also located on the Offline Settings Page.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
For those of us that are used to quickly navigating through our inbox with keyboard shortcuts, you can now use these handy shortcuts while working offline! Haven't used keyboard shortcuts yet? Here is a quick guide to get you started

With the new improvements to the Google Mail Offline App, we can all have a little peace of mind knowing we can get access to our inbox at anytime! Leave us a comment about the new improvements of Google Mail Offine and let us know what other topics interest you!