How To Use Google Gadgets In Google Sites

What are Google Gadgets anyway? Well, since you asked, Google Gadgets are FREE objects that can help bring your Google Site to life. These objects can be cool, useful, flashy, and practical. You will be sure to enhance your website and excite your audience as you explore and use Google Gadgets. Let us help you get started using Google Gadgets. This is a great starter guide to using Google Gadgets and we'll even point out some of our favorites!

Using Google Gadgets

You can add Google Gadgets to any page on your website. Adding a Google Gadget is simple and easy to access. While editing a page, navigate to 'insert' and you will find the option to add Google Gadgets. If you want to explore all different types of Google Gadgets available, select 'more gadgets'. This is where you can search for specific gadgets or browse interesting gadgets you can use for your Google Site.

After you select 'more gadgets' you can now search or browse the different gadgets available. By default, you will view the featured gadgets. If you want to browse through the public gallery, select 'public' above the default 'featured' selection. Now you can scroll through all the great gadgets Google has to offer!

If you are looking for a specific Google Gadget that you want to use, use the search feature provide at the top of the window. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or if you just want to browse a little, you will easily find great gadgets!

Dito's Favorite Gadgets
Perhaps you are not really sure what gadget you would include in your Google Site. Let us point out some of our favorites to get you started!

Our Favorite Cool Gadget
The YouTube gadget will allow others to search and view YouTube videos right within your website! Now that is cool! To access this gadget, type 'YouTube' into the search bar.

Our Favorite Useful Gadget
Looking for something useful? Use the Dictionary Google Gadget! This will allows site visitors to look up words right within your website! Very useful! To access this gadget, type 'Dictionary' into the search bar.

Our Favorite Flashy Gadget
Do you want to draw some traffic to your site? The Fish gadget is sure to be a crowd pleaser. With this flashy gadget, site visitors will be able to feed fish on your site! Get some attention and make your site a little flashy! To access this gadget, type 'Fish' into the search bar.

Our Favorite Practical Gadget
Practicality is essential for your business growth. Expand your audience population with the Google Site Translator gadget. This practical gadget will allow site visitors to click on the appropriate flag to translate. Making your site bilingual is rather practical! To access this gadget, type 'Google Site Translator' into the search bar.

We have showed you how to use Google Gadgets for your custom Google Site and even got you started with some of our favorites! These are just a few examples of the great gadgets Google has to offer for your site. Be sure to start exploring to set your site above all others! Make sure you leave us a comment letting us know which cool, useful, flashy, and/or practical gadgets you have discovered!