Featured Google Calendar Lab: Event Flair

Have you ever seen the movie 'Office Space'?  If not, it's a classic ... rent it as soon as possible. In the movie there is a really funny scene where one of the characters works at a restaurant that requires a certain amount of 'flair' to be worn on her uniform.  If you haven't seen the movie ... 'flair' turns out to be a very important requirement of her job and she doesn't agree with it .... enough with the spoilers, que the movie in Netflix as soon as possible.

The reason I talked about the movie in the first place is because every time I hear the word 'flair', I think about that scene.  So, when I first discovered the Google Calendar lab called 'Event Flair', I had a few chuckles :)  Let's take a look at what the Google Calendar lab titled 'Event Flair' has to offer!

The 'Event Flair' lab allows you to add certain icons to your calendar events that may correlate with the basis of your event.  For instance, if you have placed your boss's birthday on the calendar (you NEVER want to forget that), you can can add a slice of birthday cake to the calendar event to give it some 'flair'.

To enable this lab, click on the gear in the upper right hand corner of your inbox and select 'Mail Settings' ... then select 'Labs'.  Locate the 'Event Flair' lab, click enable, and select 'Save Changes'.  If you have already enabled at least one other lab in your Gmail account, when you click on the gear, you'll see the option to access your labs ... click on that if that is the case.  The 'Event Flair' lab will appear to the right of your Calendar interface.

Once the lab has been enabled, you can add flair to existing events by clicking on the event and selecting the icon from the area to the right of the calendar.

It is important to note that any icons you add to an event will be visible to the users that are viewing your calendar and visible to the users that you have invited to the event.  

What types of events will you be adding flair to?  Let us know if the comments section below!  Also, if you found this blog post useful and informative ... give us a +1 so others can see/find this article and evaluate for themselves.  Thanks!