NEW! Open email links in GMail While Using Chrome

You may have already noticed a prompt at the top of your screen which gives you the option to allow or deny your Google Apps account to open all mail to links. If not, simply log out of your account and log back in ... this is a new feature you will want to check out! I have often heard this requested by businesses, colleagues, and peers and I am happy to learn that this feature was recently added. Although it is quite a simple feature, I find it very useful!

What does the prompt look like?
The prompt will be displayed at the top of your screen when you sign in to your GMail account.

Your screen will display your own email account. In this case, my work email is being recognized. If you did not see this prompt, sing out of your Google Apps account and sign back in. 

I allowed email links in GMail, now what? 
Once you allowed email links using GMail, your Google Mail account will automatically be opened when you click 'mail to' links. As an example, lets assume you are attempting to contact someone at our company, Dito. You navigate to our website and find contact information with a link to an email address.

Now you select the link '' and your Google Mail account will automatically open.

Your Google Mail will open with a blank message to be drafted to The blank message will open in a new tab dedicated to message composition. This way, you can quickly contact individuals without having to sign in to your Google Apps account and using the old copy and paste trick. Thanks, Google!

This same process will work with all the different mail links you come across over the internet. Be sure to note, the prompt you receive will allow these mail links to work with Chrome. If you use Firefox or Internet Explorer , you will also be able to use GMail and default for mail to links. 

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