The Super Powers of Google Apps

Who would win in a super hero fight, Batman or Superman? Batman has all the cool technology and of course, the bat-mobile. On the other hand, Superman can fly! From a visual perspective, they both look great in tights! These fine gentlemen are greatly appreciated in times of catastrophic disasters, but what about our daily business needs?

Google Apps for Business is the modern day superhero with powers you may have not even known about. These powers range from going back in time to the ever famous power to fly. Let us show you what wonderful super powers Google Apps has to offer.

Going Back In Time

Having the ability to go back in time can be a huge asset for a super hero ... especially a crime solving super hero.  Google Apps offers a similar characteristic with the ability to check the revision history of your Google Document.  If you have shared a document with a group of people and need to know what edits have been made since the birth of the document, you can!

To acces this awesome feature simply open the document --> click 'File' --> select 'See Revision History.'  The revision history will appear to the right of the document showing you who made what changes.  Each persons changes will be displayed in their according color.  You can click on each of the different versions of the document and choose which one you would like to revert back to!


Google Mail, Calendar, and Docs can fly with their amazing offline feature!  The next time you're flying 30,000 feet above everyone else and you need to answer some emails, double check the calendar, or review a document ... you can with Google Chrome and the respected offline application.

At this time, Google Mail is the only read/write offline feature.  Google Calendar & Docs only allow you to view the calendar and/or document.  After installing the requested offline application on the Google Chrome Webstore, you'll see one or all of the images above when you open a new tab in Google Chrome.  Just click on the respected application for it to open and sync!


Sometimes, you just don't want to be seen ... especially if you're on a super secret super hero covert operation.  If you're just your average Google Apps user putting in some extra hours after the bell sounds or on the weekends and you wish to remain anonymous, you can with the ability to go invisible in Google Chat while you're in your inbox, working!!

To enable this feature, click on the drop down arrow to the right of your status.  You'll see the option to go 'Invisible.'  Click on that option and the 'status symbol' will be a grey dot on the left side of your name.  You can continue to work in your inbox without anyone pinging you with chats.  If you feel the need to reach out to someone via chat, you still can .... they just can't see that you're online.

Finder of Items

Everyone has misplaced or lost certain things that were very important to them.  If only we could call on a super hero with the ability to 'find things' for us ... we can, with the power of Google Search built in to Google Apps!

Having the ability to search for any email message, a specific calendar event, or that very important spreadsheet is a priceless feature available in Google Apps.  Google Mail, Calendar, and Docs all have the infamous search bar located above the inbox, calendar, and docs list.  

Enter in key words, email addresses, and specific titles just to name a few options you have when searching for your item.  Also, each search has the option to 'narrow' your search with specific search options you can enter.  Below are the options you have when wanting to execute a more advanced search in Gmail.

Super Human Strength

Gmail is so strong that it can store up to 25gb of data storage!!  That's A TON of email!!  Picture Superman busting through that brick wall, fist first ... that's what Gmail does to all the other storage offerings ... breaking down barriers.  We all know that archiving your mail is one of the most powerful features in the Apps platform ... you never know when you're going to need that email, you just never know.

To keep track of how much space your mail is taking up, simply scroll down to the bottom of your inbox and look for the information similar to the image below.  

The information in the image reflects my personal Google Apps account.  I have 30K+ emails in my account, w/ attachments and I'm only using 10% of my storage capacity.  That's over three (3) years of email!!!

It’s easy to see that Google Apps can come to your rescue. Although Superman and Batman are certainly respected by Google Apps, Google Apps is that practical superhero that will be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. Be sure to leave some comments about the times Google Apps saved you and be sure to include the super power you wish you had and don't forget to give us a +1 !!