How To Set Custom Images for Google Calendar Background

Every person has their own unique style and flair. Because we are all so different, we love how customizable Google Apps are. We can add themes, color coded labels, custom signatures, and the list goes on and on. Recently, we showed us how to customize Google Mail by adding a theme. A lot of us don’t know that we can also customize our Google Calendar. Why stare at a dull calendar, when you can add any photo from your computer or the web as a background image? Let’s take a closer look at how to set a custom image for a Google Calendar Background.

Enabling the Background Image Lab

In order to set a custom background image, you will need to enable the appropriate lab. After this lab is enabled, you will be able to add any image by URL to your background. Simply follow the provided steps. 

• Click on the gear in the upper right corner of Calendar, and click Calendar Settings.

• From Calendar Settings, click on Labs tab.

• Locate the 'Background Image' Lab and click Enable.

Don't forget to save changes!

Adding a Background Image

Now, you have enable the necessary lab, you will be able to add a custom background. Follow the following steps to learn how you can add your own custom background. 

• Find an image that you like, and copy the image URL.

• Navigate to 'Calendar Settings' from the gear in the upper right corner of Calendar.

• Paste the Background Image URL in the 'Enter Image URL' field under Calendar background.

Tip* If you want to replace an existing image, click remove beside the current picture.

• Click Preview.

• Choose for the image to be Centered, Scaled to Fit or Tiled under Image display style.

• Click Save.

Your new Background Image will now appear on your main calendar view!

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