Google Apps Test Drive!

When we make important purchases, we like to try out the product beforehand. When buying a new phone, people like to try it out in the store first. You test the buttons or touch screen, and make sure you can get all your favorite apps. When buying new shoes, you always try them on and walk around the store to get a feel for the comfort and style. You roll up your pant leg so you can see how wonderful they look on your feet against the footstool mirrors. When you are buying a new car, you always take it for a spin to make all your inspections and get a feel for the wheel. Why not have the same option for your next IT solution? Now, you have the same “test drive” option with Google Apps! Let Dito set you up on a Test Drive for Google Apps so you can see all the great features Google Apps has to offer your business. You will find it will be like going from a 1984 Pontiac Fiero to a Ferrari Enzo! But don’t worry, it is not nearly expensive as the Ferrari Enzo.

What is Dito’s Test Drive with Google Apps?
Our Test Drive makes it easy to try Google Apps without disrupting your current production environment. This demo environment allows you and your business an opportunity to take Google Apps for Business on a "test drive".  We create the Google Apps accounts and develop a customized set of exercises based on the specific success criteria and use cases you present to us.  With Test Drive, we also make use of on-demand virtual machines (VM) powered by Virtacore’s Public Cloud service.  The VM's are configured with Google's suite of user provisioning and migration tools that can be demoed to illustrate the product functionality.

The Feel of The Wheel
Dito’s Test Drive with Google Apps can help your business get the “feel” of Google Apps. With this sandbox environment, you can explore all the great features Google Apps has to offer. Google Apps Suite includes:

Ready to Go For a Spin?
We are ready when you are. Contact us to learn how we can set you up with your very own Google Apps Test Drive!