Graduation Day for Gmail Labs

Spring is in the air. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and graduation is upon us.  It's not just students who get the honor of wearing their caps and gowns and graduating this spring; some of our favorite Gmail Labs have also had the honor of graduating into full product features. So lets recognize these apps and celebrate as they move into permanent features.

Automatic Message Translation
Graduating at the top of its class is Automatic Message Translation. This is a great feature that translates emails for you even if you are not certain which language you are reading.

Title Tweaks
Graduating as Salutatorian is Title Tweaks. The text in the browser tab now reads 'Inbox (20) - Gmail' instead of 'Gmail - Inbox (20) -'.

Smart Mute
Our final Gmail lab to graduate with honors is Smart Mute. Have you ever been included in an email thread that feels like it will never end? You can mute the thread, if you no longer want to receive updates on the message conversation. Muting the thread will have any new messages added to the conversation bypass your inbox. These messages will remain archived. 

Tip: If you wish to unmute a conversation, select the conversation, select More, and select Unmute. 

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