How to Create a Google Calendar

We all need help from time to time organizing the different parts of our life. Google Calendar is a great tool to use to make the most out of your day. With just a click of a button, you can easily add an event, edit the details, and send out invitations. Not only can you add events to your work calendar, you can also create different calendars for specific projects or even personal use. When creating a new event, you can then select which calendar you would like to add the event to. Follow the steps below to create a Google Calendar!

How to Create a New Google Calendar

• Click the drop-down arrow to the right of 'My Calendars' and select 'Create New Calendar.'

• Name your calendar and edit calendar details, then select 'Create Calendar.'

The calendar you created will now appear under the 'My Calendars' section. 

• Select the drop-down arrow to the right of your calendar to change your calendar color, access 'Calendar Settings', and 'Notifications.' 

Tip: When creating an event, select the drop-down arrow to the right of 'Calendar' to choose which calendar to add the event to.

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