How To Enable Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Sites

Google Sites is a great application to promote business communication. Your business or organization can utilize Google Sites to build a company intranet to post announcements, provide direction, and promote company information. Now, with Google Sites, users can use keyboard shortcuts to perform many tasks without using the mouse. Key board shortcuts will make editing your Google Site a breeze!

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

Select the gear in the top right of the screen and select user settings

Select the checkbox to enable keyboard shorcuts. Be sure the save the changes!

Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allows you to use commands to replace using your mouse. These commands can be used for page level commands, site level commands, and application-level commands. These commands are displayed below.

Page Level Commands

Site Level Commands

Application Level Commands

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Now that you can begin learning and using keyboard shortcuts, it's easy to see how utilizing the shortcuts will make site construction and editing a breeze. You will be able to edit pages, create new pages, explore the revision history, and share your site without every taking your hands off the keyboard! 

We have showed you have to master keyboard shortcuts in Google mail and now with Google Sites! I am happy to learn that Google has decided to add this time saving feature to Google Sites to make editing that much easier!

Not familiar with Google Sites yet? That's okay! Check out our other blogs to help you get started with the functionality of Google Sites! Be sure to leave us comments about other ways we can help you get started with Google sites.