Google Docs - Constantly Growing

We all love Google Docs, and it just keeps getting better and better. Just like the grass in my front yard, it just keeps growing and growing. Google recently released the research pane feature into Google Docs, and just followed it up with more amazing updates. No fertilizer needed to watch your Google Docs grow and expand, these updates are automatic.

5 New Themes added to Google Presentations

Google Presentations has always been jammed packed with wonderful and useful themes. Watch Google Presentations grow with the addition of 5 brand new themes: Color Strip, Inspiration Board, Lesson Plan, Steps, and Wave.

Access these new themes and others by following the steps below:

 • Select 'Create' and then 'Presentation.'

• Click on the theme you want to add, and select 'OK.'

Put a Google Doc in a Folder

Google is always providing us with new ways to organize our life, mail, calendar, and docs. We are used to watching our Docs list grow, and organizing them by using folders. Now you are able to put a Doc in a folder, from toolbar. 

• From within a document, select the folder icon, then select 'Organize.'

Spellcheck Continues to Grow

Spellchecker is now available in Spanish, Dutch, and Finnish!

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