How To Quickly Translate Google Chat Messages with Google Translation Bot

Do you or your business have international offices? Do you frequently work with clients around the world? Do you simply enjoy learning unique features of Google Apps? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then Google Translation Bot will be useful to you! 

What Is Google Translation Bot

Recently, Google has added message (email) translation as a permanent feature to Google Mail. This certainly comes in handy when you quickly need to translate a message from a client or colleague. With Google Translation Bot, you have this same feature available in Google Chat! You will be able to communicate with another individual without being fluent in his or her native language. The translation is instantaneous and will allow you to easily chat with indivudals in another language. 

What Languages Does the Translation Bot Support?

The Google Chat Translation Bot supports many languages. 25 languages to be exact. 

How To Use The Translation Bot 

First, select the language you would like to have translated. As an example, let's translate from English to French. I found on the figure that the English to French translation is en2fr. 

You will simply add to your language translation bot and invite this bot to chat in your chat window. In this example, I will add to my chat list. 

After you invite the bot to chat, the translation bot will show up in your chat list.

Begin Your Chat

To being a chat using a translation bot, select the translation bot you would like to use from your chat list. Then, add the person as a group chat that you need the bot to translate for. In this example, I will use the English to French translation to chat with Michelle. 

First, I will add Michelle to the group chat with the translation bot. 

Once Michelle is in the group chat, I can begin chatting with Michelle and the bot will automatically translate!

Simple, right? Now that you have learned about Google Translation Bot, don't let language barriers become an issue! Leave us comments on the fun and useful ways you can use this in your own organization!