NEW LOOK: The Google Bar

Move over Extreme Home Makeover and What Not to Wear, Google Apps just had a hot new makeover. Google announces a new look for the Google Bar in Google Apps that is more intuitive and better then ever!

Google Bar

The new Google bar is now available to all users. The bar has links to core services at the top level, and a 'More' drop-down with links to others. Easily find whatever app or service you are looking for. When you turn off a service, other services more to a higher position in the list of services under 'More.' 

The 'Gear' used to manage each apps settings and the help page has also moved. Previously, the gear was located in the far upper right hand corner of the app interface.  While Google was revamping their look, they were using two gears which caused some confusion. Rather then having multiple gears, Google Apps now has one centralized gear where you can access all of your settings like before.  You'll also notice that you can change the display density of your inbox ... click here to learn more!

Your user name has also moved to the grey section below the Google Bar. Click on your user name to 'Add Accounts' or 'Sign Out.'

Have no fear, Google Search, Mobile, and Images aren't going anywhere. All of our favorite features are still located in Google Bar! 

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