Chrome for your Ipad/Ipod/Iphone

Summer temperatures continue to rise, but it's not the only thing heating up. With the release of Google Chrome for your Ipad/Ipod/Iphone, Google Apps continues to sizzle as competitors seem to fizzle out. The new mobile version includes all of our favorite features. Now you can sign in and sync your mobile Chrome with your computer, using it wherever you go. Chrome will sync your open tabs, bookmarks, passwords, and omnibox data. Search and navigate from the same box, and also use the multi-tab functionality. Take privacy on your device a step further by opening an Incognito tab. Browse without saving your history on your Ipad/Ipod/Iphone. Follow the steps below to set up this new feature. 

Google Chrome for Ipad/Ipod/Iphone

Stay tuned for other hot features in Google Apps this summer from your favorite Google Apps Experts!

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