Using Find a Time in Google Calendar

Having trouble getting everyone to attend the same meeting because of conflicting schedules? Google Calendar can be used to effectively schedule meetings and manage your agenda. We create events daily, inviting numerous people. It can be timestaking, checking each individuals calendar before creating the event. Use Find a Time to cut down on the time it takes to compare schedules, and create your event with ease. Find a time will recommend times where you and your guests are available. Calendars are displayed side by side to easily determine a time when everyone can meet.   This will make scheduling much easier, especially for events with a lot of guests. 

Find a Time

Find a Time helps you schedule events easily. Use Find a Time to view your guests' calendars that you have viewing privileges on. These can be calendars that have been shared with you/your organization, or calendars that have been made public.  

Please enjoy this instructional video on using the Find a Time option in Google Calendar.

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