On the Go with Google Apps

In this day and age, we are constantly on the go. Whether you're busy at work, traveling, or in a meeting, you're still expected to be connected and available. Typically, we use our phone to manage our mail and calendar when we are on the run. Google Apps has made it to where we can be even more connected when mobile with the Google Drive app, Talk app, and a few Gmail labs. Follow the steps below to stay connected while juggling a crazy schedule. 

Google Drive App

Sometimes we need to open a document for reference or make a quick change. Download the Google Drive App to edit your documents, spreadsheets, forms, etc while using your mobile device.

Google Talk App
One of my favorite features of Gmail is being able to quickly chat with my colleagues when I'm mobile. Chat with your contacts directly from your mobile device by downloading Google Talk
  • Type away and select the arrow to send. 

Green Robot
Even if you aren't on your mobile device, it's nice to know when others are. By enabling the 'Green Robot! Lab' you can see when others are using an Android device. 
Your contacts that are using a mobile device will have a robot beside their name.

SMS in Chat
We all get a little app crazy on our mobile devices. Sometimes when we are using so many apps it will drain our battery. Once we get the dreadful low battery warning, we have to pick and choose what we do on our phones. Enable 'SMS (text messaging) in Chat Lab' to quickly send and receive text messages in chat, rather than using the 'Talk App.' 

Use the above tips to maximize your productivity while on the go. Unfortunately, there isn't an app to be multiple places at the same time, but you can multi task with Google Apps on your mobile device. Get your work accomplished no matter where you are! Please +1 this blog post if you found it fun and informative. Feel free to share in the comments section how you multi task when using Google Apps.

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