Gmail Advanced Labs Management

Gmail is a unique, efficient, and intuitive way to use email. One of the best things about Gmail is how customizable it is. Here at Dito, we especially like using labs to personalize the way we use Gmail. Users just starting with Gmail may not know the best way to set up their email, or what labs to choose. Luckily, Google just released a great new feature allowing administrators to control the labs within their domain. This is extremely helpful because the admin can allow, disable, or enable certain labs to all its users. Admins can now enhance employees' email accounts with labs of their choosing, while disabling labs which may be distracting or less useful. Organizations now have an admin solution to what was previously a training concern, which adds consistency to the user experience, and reduces the effort required to educate employees on Gmail labs. Follow the steps below to log into the control panel and enable certain labs. 

How to: Use Gmail Advanced Labs Management

As a reminder:

So, now that you have the power, what labs should you enable? Although we recommend taking a look at the entire list of labs in Gmail, since every organization has unique needs, we really like the following labs:
Ultimately, no matter what labs you choose to enable for your domain, you will be adding consistency to the email experience of your users, while simultaneously reducing the effort required to provide support and training for your organization. 

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