Gmail Update: Compose Emails in Many Different Languages

The world is a big place and we communicate with people all throughout the world.  Sometimes when we communicate via email there can be a bit of a road block due to the language barrier.  Today, we'll show you a new option available in Gmail that allows you to compose emails using your native language keyboard layout, transliteration, and IMEs ... aka input tools in Gmail.

To enable this powerful new feature, click on the 'Gear' in the upper right hand corner of your inbox and select 'Settings.'  Next, locate the 'Language' section and click on 'Show all language options.'

Next, check the box next to 'Enable input tools.'  If you would like to learn more about Input Tools in Gmail, click here!  After you have checked that box, a screen will pop up asking you to select which input tools (languages) you would like to enable.  Remember to click 'Save Changes' for these changes to take place!

With this update, Google has added over 100 virtual keyboards, transliteration, and IMEs.  This allows Gmail to support typing in 75 languages!  That's a HUGE increase since 2009 when they only supported five (5)!

Now that you have enabled this feature and have chosen the languages you wish to communicate in, look next to the 'Gear' in the upper right hand corner and you will notice a keyboard icon with a drop down arrow.  Click on that drop down arrow to utilize the languages you just enabled.  You can also adjust your Input Tool Settings from this drop down menu as well.

If you have family, friends and/or colleagues located in different countries and would like to communicate with them in their/your native language, this feature is the perfect solution.  Let us know how this has improved communication for you in the comment section below.  Please give this post a +1 so others can benefit from it as well!  

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