How to Add Comments and Attachments to a Google Site

Google Sites can play an important role within your organization when it comes to providing information to users.  We have worked with companies that use Google Sites to inform their employees about items such as internal company news to upcoming employee birthdays.  

Today, we're going to discuss how owners of a site can allow editors of the site to post comments and add attachments to specific pages of the site.  Let's explore these options below.

Once a site has been created, editors (and the owner) of the site can add comments to a page for others to view.  Anyone viewing the site has the ability to view these comments so you'll want to make sure that the comments are appropriate for non internal employees to view if the site is public facing.

This feature is done on a per page basis.  The steps below need to be taken for each page that you want to have comments posted and files attached.  

Enable Comments & Allow Attachments on a Google Sites Page

Follow the same steps listed above to allow attachments to a page on your Google Site.  Remember to select 'Allow Attachments' as the option (third check box) before hitting Save.

Adding Comments & Uploading Attachments to a Google Sites Page

Google will automatically send you an email when/if someone has commented on the page after your comment.  If you would like to be notified about comments made after your comment in a different manner, you can click on 'Notification Settings' located on the right hand side of the comment box and make the necessary adjustments.  

After the ability to allow attachments has been enabled, editors and owners of the site can click on the 'Add Files' link.  A pop up window will appear displaying the available attachments (files) that can be uploaded.

*Note - Attachments are limited to 20 MB or smaller at this time.

Deleting Comments & Attachments from a Google Sites Page

It's important to note that only the creator of the comment or the Google Site owner can delete comments.  If there is a need to delete a comment, simply click on the drop down arrow next to the time stamp of the comment and select 'Delete.'  

The same goes for attachments.  Only the creator of the attachment or the Google Site owner can remove the attachments.  Those parties will have to click on the 'X' located to the right of the file to remove it from the page.

If you are an admin on the Google Site and you are curious as to how many attachments you have associated with your site, you can view all the attachments by following the steps below.  From there you can rename, move, delete, or replace the attachments.

We hope this feature will enhance your current Google Site and/or benefit your business needs the next time you create a site.  Let us know your thoughts on this new feature below by leaving us a comment in the comments section and please give this post a +1 so others can benefit as well.

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