Automatically Add Google+ Hangouts To Calendar Events

Recently added as a setting in Google Calendar is the ability to automatically add Google+ Hangouts to calendar events. This feature will automatically reserve a Google+ Hangout for every calendar event you create. So, if you are often adding Google+ Hangouts to a majority of your events, then this feature is for you!

This feature can be located under ‘Settings’ in Google Calendar. Select the ‘Gear’ in the top right corner, then select ‘Settings’.

Once in settings, scroll through the ‘General Settings’ tab to locate the option Automatically add Google+ Hangouts to events I create. Select ‘Yes’ and save your changes.
Now, each time you create a calendar event, you will notice that a Google+ Hangout has already been added to the event for you. If you don’t need the Google+ Hangout, simply remove it from the calendar event by selecting ‘Remove’.
This is a quick tip for those heavy Google+ Hangout users. I know I sure am and I feel silly when I forget to add a Hangout to an event. Never forget to add a Hangout to an event again! If you found this post to be useful, feel free to share with others or leave us comments below.

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