Drive UnZip - A new app by Dito is now available!

We are excited to announce the release of our newest app Drive UnZip! Once installed, this handy app will extract zipped file contents directly into Google Drive. This will allow you to easily access, organize, store and share files of all sizes! Drive UnZip is useful when emails have a zip file attachment. Simply add the zip file to Drive and Unzip. To learn how to install by user or for your entire domain, visit Drive UnZip on our website.  Watch the short instructional video below to see how it works.

The app is the brainchild of our team of expert developers and was created using a Chromebook accessing Google Drive and Google Apps Script -- 100% web baby! This app exemplifies the many creative opportunities possible when harnessing web technologies. For those of you not familiar with Google Apps Script, it is a powerful scripting language that allows developers to extend the functionality of Google Apps as well as create web applications. Drive UnZip is just one example of the many versatile solutions that Dito Developers can create. We are also experienced in building fully customized web apps solutions for our customers. Whether you need an automated workflow to streamline an approval process or if you need a comprehensive app to improve efficiencies, the boundaries are limitless when you work with our experts. If you are looking for an automated business solution or web app, please visit the cloud development section of our website.

Drive UnZip is just one of many applications to be released. Stay tuned to learn about the launch of our apps, GPrint, MergeIT, and WorkMate, to be available next month! As always, we invite you to visit our website,, and to chat with our experts during Blog Office hours every Thursday from 11-12 est.

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