Pro Tip: Use reply via chat to keep your messages organized within email threads

For this month's Pro Tip we are going to discuss a quick tip on how to keep your chat messages organized within email threads. Most Google Apps for Business users know that chat is a quick way to communicate with coworkers. What many users don’t know is that if you reply via chat from inside an email thread, the chat conversation will be threaded into the email conversation history. This makes it extremely easy for you to search and find the information you need in your inbox. Give it a try!

To reply via chat, simply open an email and click the chat icon, a green chat bubble, in the contact details area.

You’ll see that ‘In reply to “Email Subject” ’ appears at the bottom of the chat box. This tells your coworker what you’re chatting about and includes this chat in the conversation history.

From here you can invite more of your colleagues to the chat by simply entering their name and clicking 'Invite'. Now all parties involved will know what the chat is regarding.

Note: You must be ‘On the record’ for the chat conversation to be recorded in the conversation thread.

To find and view your ‘in reply’ chat, simply open the email thread and scroll through. As you’ll see below, the full chat conversation has been archived in the email thread.

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