Pro TIp: Using the new RSVP feature

In the business world, we love shortcuts that not only make our day easier, but also more productive. Google Apps provides numerous shortcuts to allow us to be as effective as ever. In this month’s pro tip we will discuss the RSVP quick action button. This button will benefit not only those who rely heavily on email, but also on calendar to schedule upcoming meetings and travel.

Traditionally, to respond to a calendar invitation, you had to either RSVP directly from your calendar or open the email invitation. Now, you can simply respond from your inbox, without the extra step of opening the invitation. Once you receive a meeting invite, you will see the RSVP option to the right of the subject. Simply select the drop down, and select Yes, No, or Maybe. Also from the drop-down, you can view the event details, such as the time, place, and number of attendees.

Use this new feature to effectively respond to meeting invites. Keep in mind, you can change your response not only from the RSVP drop down, but from your calendar itself as well.  If you have any Google Apps questions, or would like to schedule Google Apps training for your organization, please visit the training section of our website.

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