Pro Tip: Setting your Gmail Compose Window to Full Screen

By now we are all used to and familiar with the new compose experience in Gmail. This experience allows you to reference other emails, use search, and compose multiple messages simultaneously. However, by default, the compose window is popped into the bottom, right corner of your browser window. Have you ever wished you had a larger composition mode? In this month’s Pro Tip, we will cover not only how to change the compose window to full-screen, but also how to make this the default view in three easy steps.

1. Select Compose to start a new message.

2. To make this window full screen, click on the double-arrow icon in the top, right corner.

3. Make this your default view for new emails by selecting the More options down arrow at the bottom, right corner, and clicking on Default to full-screen. Now, when you click compose, your message will automatically be centered and full screen. You can always minimize this window by clicking the black bar at the top.

You now can have the best of both worlds when composing a message. An added benefit to this mode is that the formatting options are automatically displayed at the bottom of the message window. Also, keep in mind you can always pop the window back in by selecting the double-arrow icon.

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