Pro Tip: Search by Size in Advanced Search

With 30gb of storage between Google Mail and Drive, Google Apps for Business customers don’t have to be selective about what mail they delete. With the ability to keep much more mail in your inbox, it’s beneficial to utilize Google’s advanced search to find specific messages.

Prior to the recent update in Gmail, searching by size required using search operators (size: or larger:). In this month’s Pro Tip, we will take a look at how users can now find messages based on size more easily using advanced search.

It’s common to search for messages by keyword, sender, or “has attachment,” but sometimes you need to narrow down a search even further in Gmail. Perhaps you’re looking for a specific message that has a very large attachment. Maybe you’re reaching your storage limit and are looking to delete some of the messages that are taking up the most space in Gmail. These are times when being able to search by size comes in handy. To search by size, simply click the drop-down in the right side of the search field.

Next, type in the search criteria and don’t forget to select “greater than” from the drop-down menu and include a value in the Size field. Then, select the desired unit of measure: MB, KB or Bytes.

This type of search works great when you are looking for a larger than normal email. Performing specific searches like this allows you to quickly narrow down the results, and find the mail you are looking for. If you have any questions regarding this post, feel free to leave a comment below. If you are interested in scheduling Google Apps training for your organization, or just want to learn more about Dito’s change management services, please visit the Change Management and Training Section of our website. Our blog is updated weekly, so be sure to check back to read future informative posts.

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