Announcing Google Drive for Work

On Wednesday, Google announced a significant addition to it's enterprise applications: Google Drive for Work.

Google Drive for Work is accessible via all platforms and on all major mobile devices. It includes the ability to preview, create, edit and and collaborate with any number of files. You can work in native applications such as Docs and Sheets or even make changes to Office documents. You can also easily work with your co-workers upstairs or across the world, all in real-time. It is by far the best collaborative storage platform the cloud is offering to date.

And Google's storage size is simple: it's unlimited. You can share files up to 5TB in size. And all for about $10 per person, per month.

As you might expect, you'll never experience any issue getting to Google Drive. Google offers 99.99% uptime in their SLA along with no scheduled downtime, meaning you'll always be able to access your information wherever you are. Your data is also secure since it's encrypted when transferred and at rest.

Administrators will like the ease in managing users and groups as well as the ability to audit activity, monitor and track files being shared within and outside the company.

Google Drive for Work also includes Google Vault, so content stored is available for archiving and discovery.

There are number of companies that offer file sharing and online storage solutions. But Google Drive for Work is the one and only true collaborative solution for your business.

Over the next few days, we'll be highlighting a number of features and benefits. We'll even do a bit of comparison between some of the other products available. If you can't wait and would like to have a conversation about Google Drive for Work, let us know.

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