Google Chromebox for Meetings Review

Sometimes communicating with your colleagues and customers is more effective when you can connect face-to-face. If this personal approach is important to your business and ideal for your employees, shouldn't your video conferencing system facilitate the process of connecting instantly and collaborating with others? If your current solution is complicated, unreliable, and inaccessible for most of your organization, it may be time to evaluate Chromebox for Meetings.

Released earlier this year, Chromebox for Meetings adds to Google's Chrome-based hardware offerings, bringing high-definition video conferencing within the means of nearly all businesses. In a nutshell, it's a complete video conferencing system that integrates with Google Apps and eliminates the need for using complex and expensive legacy video conferencing equipment. The cost for Chromebox for Meetings is only $999, which includes an annual $250/year licensing fee and the following equipment:
Setup and ongoing management of Chromebox for Meetings requires little effort, especially for existing Google Apps customers. Chromebox for Meetings integrates with Google Calendar and offers the familiar screen-sharing and collaborative features of Google Hangouts video calls, making implementation a breeze for organizations already using Google Apps. 

Unlike consumer video chat solutions that are designed for 1-on-1 meetings, Chromebox for Meetings allows up to 15 locations to participate in a video meeting. Users can start, schedule and invite others to video meetings from inside the Chromebox for Meetings room, or from outside the meeting room on their mobile device, laptop or desktop. Participants can join by clicking the video call URL in the calendar invitation, and users within the organization have the added convenience of joining a video call from their web browser at

Still not convinced that Chromebox for Meetings can help streamline and simplify video conferencing for your organization? Click here to register for Google's upcoming Hangout on Air and learn how other companies have driven innovation and improved collaboration with Chromebox for Meetings.

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