Introducing Google Imagery + Maps Coordinate Price Change

Some great news coming from Google Enterprise recently on Maps products. Google announced with its aerial imaging program that it will be offering up for sale 6-inch resolution imagery at a very competitive price rate. This follows on from the story of Google acquiring Skybox Imaging to integrate imagery for the future, and if your business wants to invest in Google Maps for Business to utilize this high resolution imagery, you can contact us here at Dito to assist your business need.

You can also learn more on how this can be used to your business's advantage in our upcoming Hangout on Air on Google Maps Engine this Thursday at 3pm EST: Register here!

Also announced, Two Maps for Business products will also be combined into one product:

Maps Engine Pro gives businesses and individual users an easy-to-use tool for collaborative map creation. With Maps Engine Pro, you can create rich, multi-layered maps, share information with stakeholders and make decisions more collaboratively. 

Maps Engine Pro users will now also have access to Google Maps Coordinate, a mobile and web app that lets teams assign jobs and share their locations with each other in real-time. The new offering combines dynamic data visualization with location-based communication using Google Maps.

With the same $5 per user per month subscription to Maps Engine Pro, organizations will have access to this powerful suite of productivity tools.

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