July Pro Tip: Suggested Edits

Everyone’s favorite part about Google Docs is that it’s so easy to collaborate with others. This avoids multiple versions of the same document floating around. In the past, if you still wanted a collaborator’s opinion, but did not want them to make the edits, you would give them Can comment permissions in the document’s sharing settings. With this new update to Google Docs, you are able to let your commenters edit, and you can accept or reject their changes later. This new feature is available for anyone with commenting access in Google Docs on the web. In this month’s Pro Tip we will show you how to use Suggested Edits.

To get started, share a document out and give your collaborator commenting access.
When the commenter joins the document, they will see they are suggesting edits (indicated in the top right).
Any edits they make will appear as comments on the side that the owner of the document can reply to, accept, or decline. When they click on the comment, the suggested edit appears directly on the document.
Editors can also suggest edits by clicking the button in the upper right and switching from Editing to Suggesting.
While in Suggesting mode, any changes that editors make will appear as suggestions. You or other editors can then accept, decline, or reply to their suggestion as indicated in the steps above.
Now you can share out your document and give your commenters more power, without letting them have free reign over your document. This feature will soon be available for mobile users as well! Be sure to keep this great feature in mind the next time you are collaborating on a document. If you enjoyed this post, please +1 or share with others who may find it useful. Feel free to also add your questions or comments below.

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